Bringing a golf course back, it is a daunting task for some, but for others it is extremely exciting and sometimes even fun! One of the fun parts is getting to share this on social media so that everyone can see the progression of the work. Tim wanted to do this after visiting the halls of Pinehurst when they took course #2 back to its original idea. In that essence lays many of our plans, a “Classic” championship golf course!

Reconstruction Plans!

Hole #1

  • Removal of telephone pole and reverting back to a Par 5.
  • Refurbishing of fairway bunkers
  • Resurface green

Hole #2

  • Removal of 1st of 3 green sides bunkers to increase landing area for second shot
  • Widening of fairway in that location
  • Rebuild / redesign 2nd bunker in place
  • Turn 3rd bunker to grass hollow
  • Install new drainage systems around green
  • Resurface green
  • Repair drainage issues around cart path / repair cart path

Hole #3

  • Removal of 2 pot bunkers from right side
  • Rebuild / relocate left side green bunker from left edge to front of green
  • Install new drainage system around entire green structure
  • Resurface green

Hole #4

  • Removal of fairway bunker
  • Relocation of trees behind fairway bunker
  • Flatten and extend landing area
  • Create mounding on right side of cart path
  • Rebuild left greenside bunker
  • Rebuild drainage around green
  • Resurface green

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